Benefits of Being an IAFIA Member

IAFIA – “GUILD 1” associate members in good standing are eligible to participate in all IAFIA – “GUILD 1” associate membership benefit programs, at no additional cost to the associate member, including the following:

WellCard Health Access Program that Provides:

  • Up to 65% on Prescription Drugs
  • Up to 50% on Dental and Vision Care
  • Up to 30% on Medical Hospital Bill Help
  • Up to 25% on Doctor Visits

Based on our growth, we will have the capabilities of negotiating a reduced health care insurance plan for our members. This has been a long needed benefit for our industry.

$2,000.00 Free Death Benefit included in your membership

As a member, in addition to all the other benefits you receive, you are entitled to $2,000.00 in Death Benefit.  Of course we really would not like you to use it!  But in the event you do,  the $2,000.00 is part of your membership.

$2,000.00 Accidental Death and dismemberment

Here is another great benefit that is included in your membership.  At IAFIA OPEIU/Guild 1 we have your interest in mind.  No other organization will give back as we do.

Identity Theft Protection with Internet Monitoring

A proactive, comprehensive defense against identity theft – the fastest growing crime in the United States – with internet monitoring and a fully managed recovery provider.

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Towing/Service Calls

Up to 2 per year, per household, valued at $100.00 each for family members living in the same household as the associate member.

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Continuing Education Subsidy

FREE – FULL CE credits every two years. Yes, we said FREE!

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Errors and Omissions Policy Subsidy

Reimbursement of up to 20% of the deductible for an E&O claim of up to $500.00 per associate member per year.

Upon reaching a sizable membership, we will have the ability to negotiate a group policy which will substantially reduce the E&O cost for our members.

PerksCard National Discount Program

Savings of hundreds of dollars on website and in-store purchases through national retailers, at restaurants, on movie tickets and numerous other items.

Eligibility for Scholarships

General scholarships of up to $6,000.00, scholarships for labor studies up to $3,000.00 and a summer camp for children, step-children or legally adopted children between the ages of 13 and 16.

Several other associate membership benefit programs are being reviewed when we reach a membership of 5,000 members such as low cost hospitalization, which has never been offered to the Independent also increased continuing education benefits, union affinity banking services for associate members and a jobs referral program working with affinity groups.

IAFIA – “GUILD 1” associate members will be eligible to participate, at no additional cost to other major programs already in place like:

  • MasterCard
  • Health Card
  • Travel and Entertainment discounts
  • Legal Service
  • Auto and other insurance discounts
  • Financial Education Services
  • Discounted ATT Cellular Service

This Non-Profit organization was formed for you! As an Independent Agent or Adjuster, you have a choice who you want to work for! You are totally Independent! As an IAFIA – “GUILD 1” member, you will make this the largest membership of its kind, “In the World!” In the history of insurance and insurance adjusting, this has never been accomplished and with the overwhelming responses, and the need for an organization with many free and discounted benefits for the agent and adjuster, we have started this for you! And with the strength of your IAFIA – “GUILD 1” membership, it will be possible for all of us to accomplish these goals. Our charter includes the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. This is not an organization or membership “of” something, this is really “FOR” and “ABOUT” you!

As a member of the IAFIA – “GUILD 1”, as never before done for Independents, we will be able to negotiate a group heath care policy for all our members.

As an added benefit for you, our members of the IAFIA – “GUILD 1”, will have the opportunity to generate jobs for adjusters and policies for Agents.

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