About Us

IAFIA – GUILD 1 was formed as a non-profit association for the sole benefit of Independent Agents and Adjusters with jurisdiction covering the independent agents and adjusters in the insurance  industry throughout the world who will act on their behalf and speak with a distinct and unfettered voice on a wide range of issues in the insurance industry. Although we are affiliated with the OPEIU and the AFL-CIO, we are Independent Agents and Adjusters. This is a membership only. We cannot strike, we do not have collective bargaining. We can work for whom ever we want to. We still maintain our Independence. This has nothing to do with party affiliation. Republican, Democrat or Independent this membership is for our benefit. “Low Cost Group Health Insurance and One license for 50 states is our mission!” Your membership supports those goals, as a not for profit and nothing else. Your membership is totally private. We do not put your name in a book and mail it out; we do not publish your membership. Your support will benefit all members. Your membership dues are returned to you through the many discounted programs we offer. Free FULL CE Credits, Discounted Xactimate Training, Free Towing, Free Identity Theft.  $2,000.00 Free Life Insurance and $2,000.00 in AD&D, Up to $500.00 payment toward your E&O claim. For more discounted products, go to the Union Plus website. www.UnionPlus.org

We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the future of independent agents and adjusters, in the insurance industry and advancing their interests by promoting professionalism, ethical practices, improved working conditions and benefits such as affordable health insurance, education, training, pension benefits, pay standards, continuing education, uniform licensing and apprenticeship.

Under the umbrella of the AFL-CIO / OPEIU and its 12M members, IAFIA has the ability, through legislation, to achieve the goals of our Association.  We, as an Association, are going to have to make it happen.  Membership is the key to our success and prosperity. The future of “OUR” Association depends on “US” – not someone else – the bottom line is “YOU”.  The purpose of this Association cannot be achieved if we sit back and wait.
The need has always been there, for our many goals and now we have the organization to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
As the saying goes:  There is “SUCCESS ” in numbers “ACCOMPLISHMENT” in numbers AND “ACHIEVEMENT” in numbers.